Legal Services & References

Our firm has, through Mr. Muzi Mzila, displayed the dedication to making a positive contribution to communities. This has been demonstrated by its involvement in the rendering of and performance of professional duties to our clients.

Our Legal Experience and Expertise in Land Reform

Our firm provides litigation expertise on behalf of people whose rights of tenure are threatened; as well as further assist to restore rights that are unlawfully taken away from poor and helpless citizens who reside on farms in particular. We strongly believe that our team will no doubt be an invaluable contributor to the Land Rights Management Facility. You can also have a look at our dedicated web page on land rights and restitution claims.

Our Scope of Legal Services

Mzila HM Incorporated offers a comprehensive range of professional legal services, including:

  • Land restitution claims and land tenure rights matters Litigation
  • Rights to services and infrastructure and housing
  • Administrative law
  • Property law, including conveyancing Debt recovery
  • Corporate and commercial law
  • Administration of estates
  • Transportation law
  • Motor vehicle accident claims